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Client Testimonials

David Hogan - "We had owned some land for a long time near the airport, and had no luck selling it with a realtor.  We got a postcard in the mail and decided to give it a shot. Worked out great. Closed in 14 days. Thanks Parker"

Drew R. "I watched one of Parker's videos on youtube and we wanted to see what he thought about our land. Always answered the phone and called back right away."

Stephanie Johnson - "We were looking for land in Henderson to invest and build a new house, and saw one of Parker's videos about the developing process in Clark county.  They found us a good parcel and even gave us an architect and civil engineer to get our plans started. "

Casey R. - "Needed to sell one of our vacant properties to do a 1031 exchange for another deal and were in a bit of a time crunch. They got it done in 22 days. Solid guy. Good communication"

Les Smith . - "Bought my parcel on Dalhart. Thanks Parker A++"

Closed Sales

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